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You can buy windshield wipers at just about every car garage and auto parts store out there.  You can even buy wiper blades at stores like Walmart and Target.  Why would you buy wiper blades online when you could buy replacement wiper blades at so many stores close to you?

While going to a store to buy wiper blades may be the short and quick option, choosing RainEater.com to buy replacement windshield wiper blades will give you the opportunity to cut out the middleman, save money, and buy the best quality wiper blades in the market. Not only that, but RainEater offers free shipping, a no question asked money back guarantee and a 90-day warranty on all purchases.

RainEater cannot be found in any part stores in the USA.  We wanted to make life easy for our customers and give them the option to buy wiper blades online right from us!  No middle man. No inflamed prices. Just quality product at an affordable price.

The best windshield wipers are beam blades. Why are they so great?

  • No exposed parts – Limiting opportunities for damage or wear from weather, heat, outside forces.
  • Unlimited contact points – the entire blade is in contact with the windshield at all times meaning no spots that get left behind, and no streaks!
  • No gaps – Debris can’t get caught, clogging the mechanisms or putting you at risk for scratches.
  • Wind resistant – never worry about lift, chatter, or breakages from high winds again.


RainEater beam blades provide you with the knowledge that you have the best windshield wipers on your vehicle. Our patented, innovative design is engineered to create the absolute best experience in windshield wiping. From using quality, sturdy materials that resist breakdown from heat and are heavy enough to withstand strong steady winds and gusts.

We believe in creating a quality product that’s easy to install. But that’s not all, we also understand consumers on a deeper level, viewing them as people first.

Looks, Matter,

In addition to our RainEater blades being the best windshield wipers when it comes to quality and performance, they also look great on your car – with their aerodynamic, minimalist design.  If you could Buy Wiper Blades Online from anywhere, why wouldn’t you choose a company that offers performance and looks!

Here are some things to know about windshield wipers:

  1. If you live in most places in North America you should change your blades every six months. If you drive a considerable amount or live in an area that is particularly susceptible to bad weather you may need to change them more.
  2. A simple wash with the provided fluid and squeegee keeps your windshield cleaner. During the times you don’t need your windshield wipers there is still an assault of dust, debris, pollen and more coming your way and making it harder for your wipers to do their job when you need them.
  3. Always run your defroster and remove the loosened ice and snow first – otherwise, you could damage or bend your wipers, making them less effective.
  4. Never put water in your reservoir. Windshield Wiper Fluid is specially formulated to resist changes due to extreme temperatures. Best bet? Use an anti-freezing one!
  5. Beam blades are the best windshield wipers available and RainEater are the best of those!

RainEater, the maker of the best windshield wiper blades on the market, focuses on providing you with a superior product and an unmatched commitment to customer service. Keeping you and your family safe on the road is our number one priority!

RainEater Element beam wiper blades are unlike any other blades out there. These exceptional performers have stood up against every test of weather we’ve thrown at them. They are the top frameless beam wiper blade for all weather conditions including snow and ice. They’ll stand up to whatever adventure you put them through.  Click here to learn more about the RainEater Element Blade, and why you should buy wiper blades online from us.

We at RainEater value our customers and see them all as a part of our family. Our mission will always be to provide a high-quality wiper blade that is long lasting and affordable to keep you and your family safe on the road.