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Jasper Nguyen

HUGE recommendation for Raineater whiper blades! Best blades you can get plus they have the best customer service I have ever seen/experienced. If you need new blades get them from these guys!

HUGE Recommendation

Best Wiper Blades Possible

I was looking for the best wiper blades possible that would last a long time just about a year ago. Purchased a pair for my car and surprisingly they lasted without streaking up till this week. Almost a whole year on a pair is amazing! I was lucky to get six months out of any other brand I have tried in the past. These blades been through so many storms here in Houston including Harvey and still lasted with perfect wiping and no noise. I will definitely buy another pair.

Martin Phan


I had old blade on the,rear of my jeep and the raineater on the front .The rear blade could not compare with the front in removing the rain from the window.

Edward Robinson

Excellent Design

We were introduced to the owner/designer of RainEater. He put a pair on my VW Touareg just before a major storm. I was so amazed by the clarity that we invested in the company. Not only are they superior to VW oem’s; they were 50% less!


Great Wiper Blades

We have had RainEater Wiper Blades in the shop for many years! Excellent quality and easy to install.

#1 Sprint Car Detailing, Inc.

The best

I used to work for RainEater. They truly do have a great product. I serviced over 400 garages and each garage had nothing but good things to say about the blades.

Ryan Dougan


I am really happy with this product. Highly recommended

John Cashman

Highly Recommended

Super fast delivery! I know you recommend replacement every 3 months, but these are so amazing they still work like new at 6 months!

Shannon Thallman


Great Blades!!!

Denver Kirsch

Great Product!

This product is great. I had a problem with a clip, but they gladly replaced the blade with no questions asked. These are much better than the OEM or Bosch equivalents.

John Shinas