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4.94.9 out of 5 stars (based on 40 reviews)
Very good3%

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Customer service

I had an issue with the wipers, and posted a one star review. I received an email from the owner within an hour. I have since received two subsequent emails offering refunds or new wiper blades. I opted for the new blades to see if it resolved the issue I was having. If all companies stood by their products like this there would be no unsatisfied customers. That is why I give the company 5 stars.

Gary Giannotta

Great Wiper Blade - Excellent Customer Serice

Purchased these blades online. Had a problem with one of them. The owner handled my concern personally and followed it up via phone. The only thing better than the blades is the customer service.

Dan T.

Changing Review to 5 Stars

These are probably the best wiper blades I’ve ever used. Why the low star count? Well because the universal connector they use is very cheap and brittle. It was snowing and I went to pull the wiper blade off the windshield and the connector snapped immediately. I was stunned, I’ve never had another wiper blade do that. Luckily I still had my old blades and I put them on and I did the same routine all winter and they never broke. Tried to see if RainEater would warranty them or give me a discount on a new set but getting a hold of them is a job in itself. When they worked, they were brilliant, just be careful with the connector. Update: They stand behind their products. I was sent a replacement due to the issue I had. More than satisfied. Changing review to 5 stars.

Dom Ruiz (FaceBook)

Love Your Blades

Love your blades, sell them in my shop, its the only blade ill put on my customers vehicles. I wont use any other brand.

Michael Yeo (FaceBook)

Best Blades You can buy

I have bought sets and sets of blades over the years for my 1992 S10 pickup. All of them were cheap made and thin no matter the price. I got these and can already tell they are the best made blades I have ever purchased for my truck. They are thick and wipe smooth even if your windshield is dry. They make no noise at all and wipe the rain away easily giving great visibility. Will purchase from this company from now on. Would rather pay their price even though they are higher to get the excellent quality.




marc turcotte

The Best

The best wipers on the market, hands down.


Simply the best!

They are great in the rain and snow! I have tried many brands of wiper blades. Raineater blades are simply the best wiper blades I’ve ever used!!

Rick LaGoe

Excellent wiper blades

Heard about them from the Repenut! Tried them out on my truck and they did work awesome. I live in a harsh climate so good wipers are important here. I feel that the price is a little steep though

Randy Brown

Very good wipers

They perform well

James snyder