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Better Than RainX!!!

RainEaters wipers ROCK!! Put mine on yesterday. Better than rain-x. BUY THEM!!

Mark Shreffler (Facebook)

Better Than Any Wipers We Ever Seen!

Great product.Last forever and hug windshield better than any blade we have carried in our shop.Now a feature product at our shop

Jim Behm-Automotive (Facebook)

They Will Not Let You Down!

They did not let me down with the past weeks never ending snowfall. I like how they hug the windshield.

Vince Bardo (Facebook)

Fantastic Wiper Blades!!!

Fantastic Wiper Blades!!! Great customer service!!!!

Brandon M. Moore (Facebook)

Recommend to Commercial Drivers

My wife won a set n they work awesome I would recommend them to anyone especially if they are commercial drivers

Fred A Mares (Facebook)

The Wiper Blades are Awesome!

The wiper blades are awesome ! Work great with all the melting snow we have had.

Dorothy Thornton Martin (Facebook)


Great blade. Great customer service. I broke the universal mount several days after installing. I didn’t know they were warrantied for 90 days and even thought I broke it they still replaced it at their cost. A+++

Pat Mcc (Facebook)

The Best You Can Have

The best u can have on u in a down pour of rain u will see 10 times better then other wiper blades my choice blades for anyone if I had a car or truck they would be on it at all time I will use them till they stop working love them

Erik Johnson (Facebook)

leaves gaps

the drivers side is fair at best the passenger side leaves a (2) inch untouched gap through the center of glass. 2018 Grand Cherokee. I took off better blades.

J Smith

Best out there by far

I had Bosch brand wipers that cost more than a set if these fantastic wipers. The Bosch brand squeaked and put fine Mark’s all over my windshield of a new car. I bought these hoping they would be good but not positive but after I figured out how to unclip the wiper bracket installation went fast and I ran these wipers dry and no noise was produced. They hug the windshield precisely. I can see how some people may break the clip as it is deceiving with how it unclips and instructions are shallow on that step so be careful when you install yours. Overall I am a lifetime customer.

Joseph Drost