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I am not afraid to drive in the rain

Many people are afraid to drive in the rain…not me! Now that l have my rain eater blades on and working like a champ. No more having to bend my head down while driving to see! No lines running across my windshield not allowing me to see! Best damn five stars blade ever! So rain..rain never go away l’m coming out to drive and play.

Harry Jones

Definitely worth it

Got a set for each of our cars. As promised, the easiest blades to put on and GREAT performance. Definitely worth it!

Jon Ranger

Great Blade

Great blade. Great customer service. I broke the universal mount several days after installing. I didn’t know they were warrantied for 90 days and even thought I broke it they still replaced it at their cost. A+++ May 7, 2017 After a year my blades are still in perfect condition

Pat Mcc

The best you can have

The best u can have on u in a down pour of rain u will see 10 times better then other wiper blades my choice blades for anyone if I had a car or truck they would be on it at all time I will use them till they stop working love them

Erik Davyd Johnson

Love Them

Got to try my new blades out in the rain today and absolutely love them! Went on snug and easy and work flawlessly! Will definitely be ordering more for my other vehicles!

James Sicard

Work Really Well

I have purchased rain eater wiper blades for many years and I think they are the best wiper blades on the market today they work really well. The company has a great customer support department. And are a great company to work with. Once you try a pair of raineater wiper blades you won’t buy any other kind of wiper blades. Give them a call today to order a pair of raineater wiper blades.

Wayne Keller

I would buy another pair

I was looking for the best wiper blades possible that would last a long time just about a year ago. Purchased a pair for my car and surprisingly they lasted without streaking up till this week. Almost a whole year on a pair is amazing! I was lucky to get six months out of any other brand I have tried in the past. These blades been through so many storms here in Houston including Harvey and still lasted with perfect wiping and no noise. I will definitely buy another pair.

Martin Phan

Best Wipers I have ever used

These are probably the best wiper blades I’ve ever used. Why the low star count? Well because the universal connector they use is very cheap and brittle. It was snowing and I went to pull the wiper blade off the windshield and the connector snapped immediately. I was stunned, I’ve never had another wiper blade do that. Luckily I still had my old blades and I put them on and I did the same routine all winter and they never broke. Tried to see if RainEater would warranty them or give me a discount on a new set but getting a hold of them is a job in itself. When they worked, they were brilliant, just be careful with the connector. Update: They stand behind their products. I was sent a replacement due to the issue I had. More than satisfied. Changing review to 5 stars.

Dom Ruiz

Fast Delivery

I ordered these at noon yesterday and had them by five the next day. I know I live close to Erie but I’ve never had something the next day. Awesome. Blades were easy to put on and fit great. Calling for rain tomorrow so we will see.

Shannon Thallman

Great Value for Price

These were recommended by friend & RainEater employee Brian J Hickey. These RainEater wiper blades are as advertised. Easiest installation of all the brands I’ve used over the years. Hugs the contour of the windshield as advertised. Very clean sweep on intermittant or high speeds. Great value for the price. Easy to order, email confirmations, tracking #, arrived on time. I would buy these the next time. Thank you.

Nick Parisi

55 out of 5 stars (based on 20 reviews)
Very good5%

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