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A Full Review of our Wiper Blade by NewsWheel

Wiper Bladed Review NewsWheel

NewsWheel dives deep into our windshield wiper blades to find out if they are truly what they say they are.  For the full review, check out newswheel’s post by clicking on the link below.


Full NewsWheel RainEater Windshield Wiper Blades Review

Are RainEater Wipers the World’s Best Wiper blades?


From packaging to quality and installation, RainEater clearly shows attention to detail.  RainEater’s packaging is modern and advertises its sleek design very well.  On the back of every package, RainEater displays installation guides for all the different types of wiper arms right on the packaging itself, which is an awesome feature.


You’ll notice just by feeling it that the RainEater Elements blade is solid. The plastic spine is firm, the rubber element is tight, and the superstructure is durable. It bends when force is applied but retains its shape and forms to the curve of the windshield. Although only short-term testing was done, the quality and durability of this product looks like it will last through years of regular use.


The product’s retail price is comparable to similarly-designed all-season wipers from competitors like Rain-X and Bosch, but priced a bit higher than cheaper generic wipers.


RainEater Element windshield wiper blades have a patented “Universal, all-in-one Adapter” that fits “97%” of vehicles’ wiper arms. Of the types that were tested, that was accurate.

Overall Review

The RainEater Elements Windhsield Wiper Blades are a dependable, quality choice for a replacement windshield wipers that can holds their own against competitors.

They are a solid investment for any family or company vehicle.

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