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Built by Passion and Made to Outlast and Outperform Any Wiper Blade on the Market

The Perfect Windshield Wiper Replacement

RainEater wiper blades are designed to be the perfect replacement wiper blades for everyday drivers and performance enthusiasts in all weather conditions! No more need for summer or winter blades. Save yourself the time, money, and effort and choose the longest lasting high-performance wiper blades available today.

At RainEater Wiper Blades, we let out products do the talking. Below are 4 videos including reviews, wiper tests, and testimonials that prove our dedication to performance, quality, and customer satisfaction. 

Features That Make Our Blades the Best Windshield Wiper Replacement on the Market

Check out below all the features our replacement wiper blades have to offer.

RainEater’s Universal Adapter

RainEater’s Element Blade comes equipped with our one and only patented universal adapter.  This adapter fits up to 97% of all vehicles on the road.  The adapter is made of a soft plastic blend that is infused with fiberglass which creates a strong attachment to the wiper arm. Its design eliminates the chances for debris to build up inside the adapter, causing it to break or fail. To see how to install our universal adapter, click here.

Zero End-Caps / Ultra Durable Design

Most traditional and frameless wiper blades use end-cap technology to hold the rubber to the frame of the blade. This Technology is cheap and can have some serious consequences if the end cap happens to fall off or break. RainEater infuses our rubber directly into the frame of the blade. Zero end-caps and clips for ultra-durable performance.

RainEater’s Advanced Spoiler Design

The Element blade is equipped with a uniquely designed spoiler which was design, engineered, and tested at one of the top ranking plastic engineering schools in the county,  Penn State Behrend. Our spoiler is the only spoiler that was tested in a wind tunnel and optimized to create greater pressure in the center of the blade, than on the ends. This means better and quieter wiping action no matter what speed or condition!

RainEater’s Synthetic Pro Rubber Blend

RainEater’s Element Wiper Blades come equipped with our special synthetic rubber blend. Our blend lasts up to 65% longer than natural rubber and has a much lower freezing point so it does not bind up in cold conditions. Silicone rubber, although ultra durable, squeaks and chatters in light weather conditions. Our blend will provide a smooth, clear, and quite wipe no matter what mother nature throws at them!

RainEater’s Removable Blade Protector

It is our goal to ensure our product never diminishes and our customers receive fresh wiper blades that are ready to perform at the highest and safest quality.  Our removable blade protector protects our rubber during storage, shipping, and installation. Remember to remove this protector before using!

Replacement Wiper Blade Technology is Changing, and we are Leading the Industry!

Technology is always changing. Cars are getting smarter, faster, and more efficient, so why wouldn’t wiper technology change along with it? New and used vehicles come equipped with wiper blades, but are they the best? Are they the safest for you and your family? Why should you replace your wiper blades with RainEater? 3 main categories we focus on that explain why our blades are the best replacement wiper blades on the market today!

engineered wiper blades

1. Built to Last

Glass infused plastic, synthetic pro-rubber blend, and infused steel are all reasons why our blade lasts longer and is more durable than others. Our materials are tested in extreme hot and cold conditions for maximum longevity. We test every part of our wiper blade to ensure all components are durable and effective.

clearer wiper view

2. Exclusive Patented Technology

Our windshield wipers are designed with custom low-profile spoilers that are engineered to provide better downward pressure on the windshield during driving. Our rubber is infused into the frame of the blade, providing better durability and contact. Our blades come equipped with a 1 piece, easy to install adapter that anyone can use.

3. Customer Support

Our trained staff is ready and eager to help answer any questions you may have about our products. Our replacement wipers don’t fit your car, no problem, we will refund you immediately! We will also ship your orders for free. Don’t forget, we also provide a 90-day warranty on all blades.

beam vs. traditional

Traditional vs Beam Blades

Originally engineered for the aerospace industry, RainEater’s element blade is the perfect combination of materials, innovative technology, and patented designs to dominate all-season performance. Traditional winter wiper blades are a thing of the past. They have many moving parts and gaps where debris and wind can affect performance. Beam wiper blades are frame-less, meaning the blade is one solid piece of metal. There are no gaps or moving parts where elements can build up causing streaking, skipping, or gapping. Beam wiper blades are also designed for both durability and performance when it comes to snow. We test our components in ultracold and hot environments to ensure you are getting the very best windshield wiper replacement online no matter what climate you live in!

Replace Your Windshield Wipers Today!

RainEater Wiper Blades are trusted by over 1,000 car garages in the USA. If you’re are not satisfied, we’re not satisfied. 100% money back guaranteed on all orders. Order today and get fast free shipping on all orders.