RainEater’s Universal Adapter

All RainEater’s Beam wiper blades bought online come equipped with our one and only patented universal adapter.  This adapter fits up to 97% of all vehicles on the road.  The adapter is made of a strong plastic blend which passed all freezing temperature tests. The adapter has no extra parts or moving pieces.  Its design eliminates the chances for debris or elements to become build up or stuck inside the adapter, causing it to break or fail. Clean and clean wiping prevents windshield damage from scratches and chips.

RainEater’s Infused Synthetic Rubber

The Element Windshield Wiper Blade is designed with infused synthetic rubber.  What does this mean? It means the rubber of the blade itself is directly connected to the metal frame with no attachments, clips, or rings.  This provides a more durable wipe and a longer lasting blade.  Our synthetic pro blend will withstand all weather conditions and last up to 65% longer than traditional style blades.

RainEater’s Advanced Spoiler Design

Our beam windshield wiper blades are equipped with a uniquely designed spoiler which was engineered at Penn State University.  These spoilers are designed to create better pressure on the windshield, decrease wind drag, and eliminate debris and element buildup.  The highly engineered spoiler has a concaved design which catches the wind in the right spots and provides pressure on the windshield.  The spoilers are also designed with wind rivets, which provide a more violent wind stream of pressure during faster driving speeds.  This means better wiping action no matter what driving speeds!

RainEater’s Synthetic Pro Rubber Blend

Traditional rubber wears and tears much faster than synthetic rubber.  RainEater has designed a synthetic rubber blend that has proven to last up to 65% longer than traditional wiper blade rubber.  Our synthetic pro blend also performs better in extreme weather conditions.  With lower freezing points, our rubber doesn’t lock up due to freezing temperatures and continues to provide you with a clean and quite wipe.

RainEater’s Removable Blade Protector

Windshield wiper blades have a shelf life.  It is our goal to ensure our product never diminishes and our customers receive fresh wiper blades that are ready to perform to their needs.  Our removable blade protector protects our rubber during storage, shipping, and installation.


Originally engineered for the aerospace industry, RainEater’s element blade is the perfect combination of design, materials, and style to dominate all-season performance. Traditional winter wiper blades are a thing of the past. Beam wiper blades are designed for both durability and performance when it comes to rain and snow. We test our components in ultracold and hot environments to ensure you are getting the very best winter wiper blades online in the USA.

winter windshield wipers in the usa
engineered wiper blades

Highly engineered design and materials are resistant to wear and tear and are tested in extreme hot and cold conditions for maximum performance

clearer wiper view

RainEater’s beam blade has a sleek low-profile design that hugs the windshield for 100% contact, providing better performance and visibility while driving

All moving parts are protected from the elements with RainEaters frame-less design. Our beam blades have virtually no gaps were debris can get caught or wind can lift blades from the vehicle, rendering them useless

beam vs. traditional

Traditional vs Beam Blades

Traditional blades have many moving parts and gaps where debris and wind can affect performance. Beam wiper blades are frame-less, meaning the blade is one solid piece of metal. There are no gaps or moving parts where elements can build up causing streaking, skipping, or gapping. Beam blades also contour to the shape of the windshield, providing a better fit and cleaner wipe.


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Trusted and Certified

RainEater Wiper Blades are trusted by over 1,000 car garages in the USA.  Local professionals consider our blade the best wiper blade you can buy.

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