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Time is money. Being forced to make a trip to a store, browse websites, and wait for products to be delivered results in the loss of crucial time and productivity.  Or, more simply put: the loss of money. RainEater offers busy customers the convenience of having RainEater products on their shelves. Customers also enjoy the peace of mind by coming to them when they need RainEater products and replenishment.  This relationship is a core part of the distributorship experience that grows trust and allows for your business to grow.

Are you the one who wants to replace wiper blades and is searching for a Company whose blade is durable and also its cost suits your pocket. Then you are on the right portals as, we Produce the high-quality Wiper blade with Some Great Element on it with easy installation components which completing the customer requirement. Our Full line Aerodynamic Frameless Blades make us Best Wiper Blade Distributor in USA with its distinguishing feature from other simple blades.

Eliminating Financial Burden

Our consignment sales program alleviates the burden of customers having to pay cash for products and inventory to sit on their shelves.

Supporting Customers

Customers know that if they have a problem with a RainEater product, they have a trusted partner who can provide support and assistance right when they need it.


RainEater aims at exceeding the demand for products that are tried, tested, and trusted that help customers succeed across the country.

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We Get Paid to Make Friends!

Distributorship with RainEater comes with significant benefits:

Lower Startup Costs – RainEater distributorship provides lower cost start-up to get you off the ground running. We have designed the RainEater Distributorship model to start up quickly and to operate efficiently with low overhead. No leases, space rentals or costs associated with a storefront. Your RainEater vehicle is your mobile storefront.

A Reliable Workforce – YOU! Our Distributorships are smaller and easily managed by one or two people. Being your own boss can be highly satisfying. Likewise, having no employees to hire, train, or manage has its perks, too. You can focus your resources on building solid relationships with your customers.

Flexible Work Hours – RainEater Distributors can decide the best times for calling on their customers, and can arrange their days to accommodate other activities and important responsibilities.  Build your work around your life, not the other way around as with most traditional jobs!

Exposure – Our Distributors travel to their customers instead of waiting for customers to come to them. Your RainEater vehicle is your traveling billboard.

Stronger Customer Relationships –  At RainEater we believe in building relationships with our customers. Our system of calling on customers allows our Distributors to get to know not only their customers’ names but also their concerns and interests.  This personal connection makes customers comfortable and allows for a trusting, long-lasting relationship.  One-on-one attention is something we seek in all business transactions and pays huge dividends.

More Sales – RainEater brings the product directly to the customer, making it convenient for them to make purchases and, as a result, the Distributor sees increased sales.

High Earning Potential Opportunity

A RainEater Distributor’s earning potential will vary from Distributor to Distributor. Putting time, energy and passion in up front results in a smoother, better run business in the long run.  As the adage says, “Go slow to go fast.”  Putting time and attention into the beginning by learning the product, networking and forging relationships will help you succeed in the long run.  There are many unknowns and variables that go into your earning potential – the time devoted to the business, ability to manage the money collected from customers every week, and of course, how much you are able to sell. RainEater can show you how the scale and profitability of this model works. Learn from others what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t in order to save time focusing on tried and true strategies of other distributors who have found success.

The RainEater Distributorship System incorporates 16 hours of initial classroom training, including:

●      Tried and true processes and procedures to help run the business,

●      Hands on training of RainEater software/hardware that the distributors use to manage their business (inventory, sales, margin, communication with RainEater, etc),

●      Networking meetings with other RainEater representatives available to assist Distributors in driving sales

●      Online Sales meetings that are learning experiences

●      Marketing sessions all about how to use sales aids such as promotional flyers and other forms of  advertising to help drive sales.

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  • Product Reviews

    Better Than RainX!!!

    RainEaters wipers ROCK!! Put mine on yesterday. Better than rain-x. BUY THEM!!

    Mark Shreffler (Facebook)

    Better Than Any Wipers We Ever Seen!

    Great product.Last forever and hug windshield better than any blade we have carried in our shop.Now a feature product at our shop

    Jim Behm-Automotive (Facebook)

    They Will Not Let You Down!

    They did not let me down with the past weeks never ending snowfall. I like how they hug the windshield.

    Vince Bardo (Facebook)