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    I am not afraid to drive in the rain

    Many people are afraid to drive in the rain…not me! Now that l have my rain eater blades on and working like a champ. No more having to bend my head down while driving to see! No lines running across my windshield not allowing me to see! Best damn five stars blade ever! So rain..rain never go away l’m coming out to drive and play.

    Harry Jones

    Definitely worth it

    Got a set for each of our cars. As promised, the easiest blades to put on and GREAT performance. Definitely worth it!

    Jon Ranger

    Great Blade

    Great blade. Great customer service. I broke the universal mount several days after installing. I didn’t know they were warrantied for 90 days and even thought I broke it they still replaced it at their cost. A+++ May 7, 2017 After a year my blades are still in perfect condition

    Pat Mcc