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Join the movement as we spread our brand across the nation. We offer fully stocked displays and fantastic customer service– all just a click away.


Consignment Program

  • 48 Blade Display with sizes 16” through 28”
  • Only pay for what you sell
  • We service you!


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RainEater Wiper Blades is very proud of our business model. We were founded on a simple investment of $400 and a dream. Partnering with independently owned businesses like yours, our dream has grown and is shared with all our Team Members. We also believe in simplicity, speed, and efficiency. This is why our business agreement is simple, short, and most importantly--comes with a handshake!

Our Distributors promise:
o To always be on time.
o Professionally represent you to your customers while they are at your business.
o Clean and rotate your inventory.
o Honor our “No Questions Asked Warranty”.
o Visit your business with a smile at least 12 times a year.
o Share with you our secrets of success and industry trends.
o Never charge you a different price than our biggest customers.

We ask you to agree:
o RainEater Wiper Blades owns the inventory placed inside of your business(s).
o You will carry liability insurance on your place of business.
o You keep all revenue over the Distributor's price (same price for all sizes).
o Pay for the blades sold when they visit (otherwise, net 10 days).
o Keep a smile and know we are your partners.
o If you don’t like the Consignment Program, let us know. You’re under no obligation to keep our displays in your business.

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I agree, I wish to submit my application to the RainEater Consignment Program.