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Durable Synthetic Rubber Proven to Last up to 60% Longer Than Traditional Blades. Frameless Design for All-Season Performance. 30-Day Trial With 100% Money Back Guarantee. Fast and Free Shipping Only in the USA! 

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4 Features That Make us Different From Other Brands

In order to offer the best possible wiper blades for our customers, we had to develop something different than our competitors. With careful research, and help from one of the top engineering schools in the country, Penn State Behrend, we were able to design and develop the ultimate wiper blade. Click here for our full feature breakdown.

All-Season Material – We use a blend of synthetic rubber (60% Extra Life), anti-rust metal, and glass infused plastic to create a durable all-season blade.

Performance Spoilers – We used wind tunnel technology to design spoilers that actually utilized the wind to create a better, cleaner, streak and chatter-free wipe.

Infused Rubber – We have seamlessly combined our synthetic pro rubber with our frameless blade. This leaves no room for error in harsh weather conditions.

Universal Adapter – Our adapter easily fits up to 97% of vehicles on the road. No extra pieces or parts. Super easy to install for anyone.

Why Buy Our Windshield Wipers?

RainEater is not your ordinary aftermarket auto parts company. In fact, RainEater is one of the few companies that specialize in only one product, frameless (beam) all-season wiper blades.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we bring to the market new and innovative wiper blade technology.

We offer the first ever universal adapter, creating a stronger attachment to the wiper arm that anyone can install.

We also bring to the table our highly engineered performance spoilers. These spoilers were created using wind-tunnel technology to provide even pressure against the windshield while driving, resulting in a cleaner squeak-free wipe.

Our frameless blades are designed with ZERO end caps. This often overlooked feature has made our blades virtually indestructible when it comes to ice and snow buildup due to the rubber being infused directly into the metal frame.

Customer satisfaction is very important to us at RainEater. If you’re not satisfied, then we’re not satisfied. That is why we offer a 30-day Trial Period and a 100% money back guarantee! We also pay for your shipping! We use USPS priority mail to get you your blades fast and on time.

We want to provide our customers with the very best wiper experience. To do this, we had to develop blades that were unique and different to any other blades in the market. We had to create blades that would eliminate squeaks and streaks, eliminate snow and ice buildup, eliminate chattering, and of course, last longer year round.

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Take a moment and read through some of our customer reviews. Also, feel free to leave a review so others can be confident they are purchasing a great product!

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    Better Than RainX!!!

    RainEaters wipers ROCK!! Put mine on yesterday. Better than rain-x. BUY THEM!!

    Mark Shreffler (Facebook)

    Better Than Any Wipers We Ever Seen!

    Great product.Last forever and hug windshield better than any blade we have carried in our shop.Now a feature product at our shop

    Jim Behm-Automotive (Facebook)

    They Will Not Let You Down!

    They did not let me down with the past weeks never ending snowfall. I like how they hug the windshield.

    Vince Bardo (Facebook)