best wiper blades review

Windshield wipers are the number 2 safety feature on a vehicle.  They must be able to keep you windshield free from dirt, debris, and the elements.

When selecting our best wiper blades list, we kept in mind which factors would be most beneficial to you, the consumer.

In conclusion, RainEater came out top in the battle for the best wiper blades.  See below to see the full results.

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Wiper Blade Review

Wiper blades usually get put on the back burner when thinking about car parts, at least; until they stop working. When the weather gets tough, wiper blades can be the difference between keeping your family safe, or causing a serious crash. Don’t wait until your stuck in the middle of a storm to realize your wiper blades are not good enough!  Be proactive and buy a high quality set of windshield wiper blades that will last and keep you and your family safe on teh road.

The results from this review was compiled from car mechanics, distributor consumers, and live test results.

1. RainEater Wiper Blades

Scored top in 4/5 Categories – Best windshield wiper blades

5/5 Product Rating

RainEater’s Element Blade when compared to the other blades on the list, won in 4 out of 5 of the categories tested. View the info-gram at the top to see test results.

Technology: The technology of the blade proved to be the best in the industry. From design, to durability, to quality of the materials used, to overall performance, RainEater is king. RainEater comes equipped with a patented universal adapter, innovative spoiler design, infused synthetic rubber, and a durable end-cap free design.


Performance: Due to RainEater’s innovative spoiler design.  RainEater exceeded in the driving speed test.  The spoilers kept the wiper blades pressed firmly on the windshield at all driving speeds. The pressure from the spoilers lead to a clean, streak and chatter free wipe. The wiper blades performed excellent in extreme cold and hot conditions. The material never became brittle due to extreme cold.

Installation: RainEater’s patented universal adapter makes it hard to beat when it comes to installation.  Install in seconds on 97% of all vehicles driven on the road.  Clear installation instructions are provided on the back of every wiper blade package. The patented adapter fits snugly on the wiper arm, providing a durable and safe fit.

Cost: RainEater when compared to the other wiper blades online finished in second place.  RainEater offers free shipping and a universal size price on all products.  In the end, the total price for a RainEater wiper blade is extremely affordable and worth it.


RainEater wiper blades are the best wiper blades that can be purchased online. RainEater offers extreme performance, durability, and installation at an affordable price.

How did we come up with the results for our wiper blade review? Glad you asked.  RainEater can be found in over 500 car garages on the east cost.  We are not sold in auto part stores or Walmart. Car professionals and mechanics are our salesmen. Gathering information from our car garages and their customers is how we can stay ahead of the curve.  RainEater compiles this information and tests our products against competitors.  We then can provide you with the most accurate information possible, without the contamination from big cooperate marketers.

If our windshield wiper blades fail or break, we offer a money back guarantee. With RainEater you are getting the very best wiper blades available online.

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