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Thoroughly Reviewed names RainEater Wiper Blades the best wiper blades of 2018!

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Windshield wipers are the number 2 safety feature on a vehicle.  They must be able to keep you windshield free from dirt, debris, and the elements.

When selecting our best wiper blades list, we kept in mind which factors would be most beneficial to you, the consumer.

In conclusion, RainEater came out top in the battle for the best wiper blades.  See below to see the full results.

Best Overall Wiper Blades

(A Review by Thoroughly Reviewed) – www.thoroughlyreviewed.com

5/5 Product Rating

The Raineater wiper blades are a top pick because they last longer than some of the high-performance blades on the market. The high-end rubber material is built to last longer than other premium blades on the market. It is also built to resist deterioration in all weather conditions. This blade will perform in the very coldest winter weather and will not dry or crack during the sweltering summer heat – even in the south. The blade is asymmetrical yet distributes weight evenly across the entire blade. This, combined with the contoured design, allows even pressure on the windshield across the full blade rather than just in the center or along a few points. This feature gives you a clean and streak-free performance every time. The tension across the arc of the blade provides a custom fit across most vehicle models and provides a universal fit for nearly every car on the road.

The Raineater wiper blades come in different sizes and fits most passenger and driver’s side windshields that exist. The blade is an all-season blade and is not damaged by snow and ice or high levels of heat. With uniform pressure across the full length of the blade, the design is built to last much longer than conventional blades.

Customers love the high performance of these blades. The blade covers the full length of the windshield and with the even pressure it provides, it cleans perfectly and provides a clear view during poor weather conditions. The ability to have a clean and clear window during heavy rains, snow, and ice have customers raving about this brand. They are also easy to install and the instructions are clear – even for those changing blades for the first time. Instead of replacing windshield wipers every season, Bosch owners are able to enjoy clear driving for several years.

– Jonathan Maxwell

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