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The RainEater Element blade is the best windshield wiper blades for snow. While this product will pass all of Mother Nature’s tests, we can all agree that snow and ice are among the most dangerous conditions. Between the snow itself, the ice, and the pesky residue left behind from the rock salt (sodium chloride), seeing through your windshield can be next to impossible without the right wiper blades.

You may be asking yourself what makes our product the best windshield wiper blades for snow. Our blade has succeeded through a state of the art freeze test at Penn State Behrend. The test we performed was intended to prove to our customers the quality and durability of the Element blade against all weather conditions. The quality of our wiper blade is at 100% even when it’s -15 degrees Fahrenheit and doesn’t start to falter until about -45 degrees Fahrenheit, where it only drops to 90%. Needless to say the snow is no threat to our top of the line Element blade.

Another reason that RainEater has the best windshield wiper blades for snow is the spoiler, which creates an even distribution of pressure so that the whole windshield is being treated and the molded one-piece frame resists freezing and clogging. Our product is a one-stop shop that eliminates the need to buy strictly winter wiper blades because of our all season performance. Check out our Size Finder tool to get your windshield wipers today, our patented universal adapter fits up to 97% of all vehicles.

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