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Windshield wiper tips

How important is finding the correct replacement windshield wipers?

Rain Driving
Safe driving in the rain is serious!

To make the answer short and simple, very important!  Windshield wiper blades are the number two safety feature on a vehicle, right behind the brakes.  Windshield wipers provide a clear view while driving in harsh conditions.  Without the proper equipment, driving in bad weather can sometimes be the difference between life and death.  According to some recent research, roughly 23% of accidents taken place in the United States annually are weather-related.  Almost 50% of these accidents are rain-related!  I think it is safe to say, finding the right replacement windshield wipers is very important.

Here are RainEater Wiper Blades, we put together 5 tips that will help make the best decision when buying replacement windshield wipers.

Tip #1 – Choose Beam Replacement Windshield Wipers

beam vs. traditional
Beam vs. Traditional Wiper Blade

Wiper blades have changed a lot since they were first invented in 1903.  They have even changed more so in the last 10 years with the rise of beam blade technology.  Beam blades, like the in the image on the right, are designed with a natural curve, where traditional wiper blades are not.  Traditional wiper blades use hinges to conform to your windshield, where beam blades naturally conform.

Traditional wiper blades fail to conform to windshields in harsh weather conditions due to debris and substances clogging up the hinges of the blade, thus making it stiff.  this leaves streaks, causes chattering, and sometimes altogether stop working.  Beam blades, however, are virtually seamless leaving no room for debris or materials to clog up its design.  Beam blades continue to conform to your windshield no matter what mother nature throws at them!

Tip #2 – Choose a Blade With a Performance Spoiler

raineater's design
RainEater’s Performance Spoiler

Spoilers are the rubber material that covers the majority of a beam blade.  These spoilers if designed correctly should provide more than just protection for the blade.  A good spoiler will prevent wind drag, increase pressure on the windshield, and eliminate debris buildup.

A performance spoiler will have a couple of obvious elements that you can see when choosing your replacement windshield wipers.  A performance spoiler will not be smooth from end to end.  It should be concave on the wind-facing side of the blade.  This concave design will gently catch the wind and push the windshield wiper down on the windshield.  The spoiler should also be thicker in the middle and thinner towards the ends.  This will cause greater pressure in the center and then softer pressure on the tips.  This will allow the beam blade to conform to the windshield better.  Finally, the spoiler should be aerodynamic.  This means avoid big bulky spoilers.  They may look durable, but they will not perform well due to wind drag and debris buildup.

Click here to learn about RainEater’s beam style replacement windshield wipers.

Tip #3 – Choose Replacement Windshield Wipers with a Synthetic Rubber Blend

Windshield Wiper Blades use rubber to press against the windshield and wipe away the elements.  Rubber is perfect because it is non-absorbent, durable, and soft on the glass.  The rubber is the most important part of the blade!  The only problem with rubber is its deterioration over time.  In fact, the number one cause of rubber deterioration is the sun.  Synthetic rubber was created to help negate the deterioration of the rubber due to wear and tear and sun rays.  All high-end beam style replacement windshield wipers will market their synthetic rubber blend so you know you are getting more bang for your buck out of the purchase.  Look for key phrases like full-synthetic, rubber blend, synthetic rubber blend, pro blend and so on…

Tip #4 – Look for a Strong and Durable Wiper Blade Design

This is a very important step when selecting your brand new set of replacement windshield wipers.  How can you tell if a wiper blade is strong, durable, and performs well in all conditions?

The first step you should take is looking at where the wiper blade attaches to the wiper arm itself.  It might sound obvious but it is often overlooked.  If your wiper blades connection fails, then your wiper blade does you no good.  A good adapter design will allow the blade to tightly and securely attach to the wiper arm.  If an adapter is made with lots of cheap attachments and fitments, then there is a chance something will fail.  Look for adapters that are built with little to no moving parts, attachments, and breaking points.  Also feel the adapter.  If the plastic feels cheap and brittle, imagine how it will do when it is being hammered by the elements!  Click here to learn about RainEater’s patented universal adapter and why it is your best bet for finding a durable wiper attachment.

The second thing you should look for is a wiper blade that incorporates infused rubber into the design.  What is infused rubber?  Infused rubber is where the rubber of the wiper blade is infused directly into the metal frame of the wiper blade.  This allows for virtually an unbreakable seal between the two.  Wiper blades that use clips or rings to secure the rubber to the frame are much more likely to fail when the weather gets tough.

The third an last thing you should watch out for are cheap blade end-caps that are designed to literally hold the tips of the blade together.  We have all seen when a wiper blade becomes separated from the frame itself and the rubber is flapping all over the windshield while driving down the road.  This is not only dangerous, but it can harm your windshield.  Beam blades that use cheap end-caps to protect the tips of the blades will most likely fail when things get rough.  A good end-cap will be small and aerodynamic.  They will not cause wind drag, nor will they cause element build-up.  RainEater wiper blades are designed with zero end-caps.  This feature is made possible because we infuse our rubber directly into the frame.  There is no need for an end-cap in our design.  This provides better performance do too little to no wind drag or element buildup.

Tip #5 – Costgood price

Windshield wipers are often the most overlooked feature of a car.  Most people don’t think about them until they stop working or break.  At that point, they are in a rush to find a replacement and end up driving down to their local part store and picking out the cheapest wiper blade they can find.  The problem with this cycle is they are never actually saving themselves money, nor are they properly protecting them or their family when disaster strikes.  Consider paying more for a good quality beam blade.  One that performs well in all conditions.  One that is durable and long-lasting.

Some beam blades can be severely overpriced.  Using these 5 tips will help you decide which blade is best for you.  Beam blades can range from $12 to $80 or more for 1 blade!  There are a lot of options to choose from.  Using these tips will save you money, headache, and potentially the life of you or someone you love.

If you are interested in giving RainEater Wiper Blades a try, click here to get started and find the perfect wiper sizes for your car today.

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