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10 Beasts is a tech-based blog that features high-quality reviews and top of the line products. They recently featured RainEater’s G3 Element blade in their “Best Windshield Wipers 2018” article post. 10Beasts placed RainEater’s G3 Element blade 6th on the list, however; they named the G3s the “best high-quality all-seasons wipers” for 2018. Click here for the full review on RainEater’s G3.

What did 10 Beasts like about our wiper blades?

  1. Sturdiness – Sturdy design that was obvious upon unpacking the blade from the box. The firm spine and tight rubber fit make the blade “super durable”.  The write of the article claimed, “over a year of use and still working like new”.
  2. Packaging – RainEater’s packaging design using curved boxes and open view containers provided a unique and elegant look. They also took note of our green rubber protector that provides a dual layer protection during shipping and storing of the blades.
  3. Installation Instructions – They loved how every box came equipped with packaging instructions right on the back of the box.  They also made mention of our “installation instructions” on the site which will further help your installation needs.

We take note of every critique and recommendation that is made for our products.  We will be sure to re-design the packaging instructions for our next blade coming out shortly in the fall. Our blades are created for high-performance driving or harsh conditions. Our next design will come equipped with a new rubber blend which will eliminate any chance of squeaking during lite rain.

Be sure to check out 10Beasts.com for any tech or product related reviews!

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