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RainEater Wiper Blades have been rated the Best Windshield Wipers of 2018 by consumer review giant thoroughly reviewed! How did our small company beat the billion-dollar giants of the industry? We believe it is our highly engineered exclusive features, proven quality, and the service we provide to our valued customers.

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RainEater may be new to the online market. But for over 5 years RainEater Wiper Blades were sold exclusively to car care professionals along the east coast. While servicing well over 1,000 car garages and over 1 million wiper blades sold, RainEater is proud to say we have very little to no bad reviews about our product.

RainEater also offers three exclusive features on all our blades that can only be provided by RainEater. This includes our universal adapter, our highly engineered performance spoilers, and our zero-endcap frameless design.

The difference is that we only offer ONE product that we care and love. When we get feedback we make it a top priority to see if it improves performance and customer satisfaction. We wish that all customers can enjoy the best windshield wipers ever!

Universal Wiper Blade Adapter

We Have The Best Windshield Wiper Technology Available Today

Check out below all the features our blades have to offer.

RainEater’s Universal Adapter

RainEater’s Element Blade comes equipped with our one and only patented universal adapter.  This adapter fits up to 97% of all vehicles on the road.  The adapter is made of a soft plastic blend that is infused with fiberglass which creates a strong attachment to the wiper arm. Its design eliminates the chances for debris to build up inside the adapter, causing it to break or fail. To see how to install our universal adapter, click here.

Zero End-Caps / Ultra Durable Design

Most traditional and frameless wiper blades use end-cap technology to hold the rubber to the frame of the blade. This Technology is cheap and can have some serious consequences if the end cap happens to fall off or break. RainEater infuses our rubber directly into the frame of the blade. Zero end-caps and clips for ultra-durable performance.

RainEater’s Advanced Spoiler Design

The Element blade is equipped with a uniquely designed spoiler which was design, engineered, and tested at one of the top ranking plastic engineering schools in the county,  Penn State Behrend. Our spoiler is the only spoiler that was tested in a wind tunnel and optimized to create greater pressure in the center of the blade, than on the ends. This means better and quieter wiping action no matter what speed or condition!

RainEater’s Synthetic Pro Rubber Blend

RainEater’s Element Wiper Blades come equipped with our special synthetic rubber blend. Our blend lasts up to 65% longer than natural rubber and has a much lower freezing point so it does not bind up in cold conditions. Silicone rubber, although ultra durable, squeaks and chatters in light weather conditions. Our blend will provide a smooth, clear, and quite wipe no matter what mother nature throws at them!

RainEater’s Removable Blade Protector

It is our goal to ensure our product never diminishes and our customers receive fresh wiper blades that are ready to perform at the highest and safest quality.  Our removable blade protector protects our rubber during storage, shipping, and installation. Remember to remove this protector before using!

Check out some of our commonly asked questions

All RainEater Windshield Wipers come equipped with our patented universal adapter. Our one piece adapter fits up to 97% of all vehicles on the road. No need for a service professional, you can install our wipers from home with ease! Use our installation guide page to guide you through your installs.

Any frameless wiper blade, not just RainEater, performs better in all weather conditions. Our blades utilize the natural wind stream produced while driving to create even pressure on the windshield and wipe more efficiently. Our frame-less design eliminates sleet, snow, and ice buildup which cause performance issues. For more information about our replacement wipers, click here.

RainEater Wiper Blades can be bought directly through our website using the size-finder tool, or you can visit our store locations page to see if there is a dealer near you.

RainEater believes in order to provide the very best product with the best prices, we must cut out the middleman. RainEater is only available online or by authorized service professionals.

We offer a fully risk-free purchase for all new and returning customers. This means if you do not love our wipers, send them back! We offer free shipping, money back guarantee, and a 90-day warranty.

RainEater also offers exclusive features that only can be found right here! We have a patented universal adapter, frame-less technology, performance spoilers, synthetic rubber blend, zero end caps, and much more! That is why we have been rated so well by consumer review sites.


See what other reviewers and car professionals are saying about our wiper blades.

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Consumer tech giant 10 Beasts names RainEater the best high-quality wiper blades for 2018, and the #6 rated overall wipers. How do we stand up against the other top industry brands?


Diesel world decided to create an un-biased review on our windshield wiper blade. We were very happy to hear what they had to say! What makes RainEater’s Element Blade different and unique from its competition?

wiper blade test


The Humble Mechanic was impressed with the build quality of our wipers. He also likes that they are not capped at the end of the blade like other frameless blades. That is one less failure point. RainEater wiper blade review


We believe you will be so happy with your purchase that we offer free shipping, a no question asked money back guarantee, and a 90-day wiper blade warranty.