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RainEater Wiper Blades have been rated the Best Windshield Wipers of 2018 by consumer review giant thoroughly reviewed! How did our small company beat the billion-dollar giants of the industry? We believe it is our highly engineered exclusive features, proven quality, and the service we provide to our valued customers.

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RainEater has been building premium all-season wiper blades for over 5 years. In 2013, RainEater believed they had technology that would fill a void in the automotive aftermarket. They released their patented Element blade exclusively to select car garages along the east coast. Utilizing the feedback of almost 1,000 car care professionals, RainEater implemented the best windshield wipers ever created, the Element G3.

4 Features That Make RainEater the Best Windshield Wipers Ever Made

  1. The perfect material for all-season performance
  2. Wind-tunnel optimized performance spoilers
  3. Frameless Infused Rubber
  4. Patented Universal Adapter (Fits 97% of all Vehicles)

From the feedback we have collected, we have built these four features to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. The perfect synthetic blend of material that is built to perform better in all weather conditions. A wind-tunnel optimized spoiler that is engineered to utilize wind to press and hold the blade against the windshield for flawless wiping. Frameless anti-rust metal frame with zero end caps or clips, utilizing our infused rubber technology. And a universal adapter that is super easy to install, but better yet; provides a better connection to the wiper arm.

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Exclusive Features That Work!

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Universal Wiper Blade Adapter

Check out some of our commonly asked questions

All RainEater Windshield Wipers come equipped with our patented universal adapter. Our one piece adapter fits up to 97% of all vehicles on the road. No need for a service professional, you can install our wipers from home with ease! Use our installation guide page to guide you through your installs.

All-Season wiper blades use frameless “beam-style” technology, different from traditional wiper blades. Frameless blades naturally conform to the windshield, leaving virtually no gaps or spaces that can be affected by the elements. Our blades utilize the natural wind stream produced while driving to create even pressure on the windshield eliminating streaks and squeaks. For more information about our wiper blades, click here.

RainEater Wiper Blades can be bought directly through our website. Use our size finding tool on our buy now page to generate which blades you need for your car. You can also visit one of our exclusive store locations to see if there is a dealer near you.

The simple and quick answer is no. RainEater believes in order to provide the very best product with the best prices, we must sell directly to our consumers. RainEater wiper blades are only available online or by authorized service professionals.

We offer a fully risk-free purchase program for all new and returning customers. Our wipers come with a 30-day 100% money back guarantee trial. If you don’t love your RainEater wipers, send them back! We also offer fast and free shipping in the USA.

RainEater also offers exclusive features that only can be found right here! We use ultra all-season materials, performance spoilers, zero end cap frameless design, and a patented universal adapter. Buy Online today!


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